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Expectations While The MBS Team Is On Your Project

Filing Department Expectations and Accountability

•    Assess all saw designs and applications
•    Quality control of all cutting tools
•    Audit and document all saw reliability
•    Evaluating cost and value of services provided to the company by vendors
•    Identify and measure optimal performance from every sawing application
•    Implementing continuous improvement plans to increase quality and productivity of sawing centers
•    Identify, recommend  and provide saw related services to all plants 
•    Provide troubleshooting services to all facilities 
•    Assess training needs and deliver training as needed.
Plant Level Expectations and Accountability

•    Flawless Mechanical/electrical downtime recording when it effects sawing and production
•    Piece count and run time recording for all saws
•    Saw performance records(on time change, defect, damage)
•    Performance standards for sawing centers
•    Performance goals for sawing centers

Desired Outcomes

•    Improve overall of saw reliability at each facility
•    Increase saw quality
•    Benchmark and maximize performance of sawing centers
•    Reduce saw maintenance costs
•    Consistent and predictable performance results and costs from each plant site
•    Drive continuous improvement, consistency and standards across entire businsess.


These points are just the beginning of the initial assessment when the SawPro Team arrives on your plantsite. These points provide us with a clear path to optimal performance and a clear pathway meet all of your businesses goals.


Contact the MBS Team today to schedule your first assessment. We are looking forward to speaking with you.




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