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      The competitive job market we are facing is currently effecting the entire Sawmill industry. The retirement of our most knowledgeable and experienced personnel is becoming more and more a burden on our businesses and it is only a matter of time before it starts to effect the bottom line.  Typically a saw filer does not have access to training or materials to learn from which can turn daily operations into a struggle. If we do not proactively face these challenges continuous improvement will be nowhere within the scope of our capabilities. All Saw Filing departments have numerous strengths within the department, as well as critical barriers to success. These become even more significant given the goal of growing the business at a rate significantly above the historical is presented. Success depends upon the creation and successful implementation of a powerful strategy within the Filing department with the right people in the right roles acting in concert with one another to achieve a common goal, Improvement. With the skill set of the filing department becoming more critical as the wood market becomes more competitive there has never been a better time to invest in the future of these individuals.


Here are a few benefits that MBS's Saw Filing Training Program offers:

  • Unlimited access to the MBS team for the duration of the contract via phone, email, video conference during normal business hours (8am-8pm Mountain Time).
  • Quarterly Assessments in line with project objectives of Filing department, Machinery, and Personnel
  • Quarterly Trainings to provide your filing department with the skills and tools to keep the mill on a path towards better finished products
  • Programs lengths from 3 months to 1 year+ depending your needs.
  • And many other value added services from priority scheduling to discounted products and services, MBS’s On-Site Training Program will help you get the most from your raw materials

MBS’s Saw Filing Training Program will benefit all Filing Departments. From a brand new 5 man crew needing full training from Basic Fitting to Machine Center Alignment to a seasoned crew needing to get that last 5% out of the existing processes to meet performance goals. Our program can be effectively implemented to meet all of your training needs. Single apprentice? Continuing education for existing staff? Head Filer refinement? Upcoming retirements?


No matter what the needs of or goals for your Filing Department are MBS's Saw Filing Training Program can help you improve.

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