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The MBS Saw Filer Training Program Overview

The “State of the Art in Technology” is continually changing in our industry. To meet these constantly changing needs it is crucial that our industry has a Saw Filing workforce that is well trained. The main objective of this apprenticeship program is to develop individuals that are highly skilled and capable of meeting these demanding requirements.


The on-site saw filer training program consists of four steps. Each step is specifically designed to build the knowledge base of our apprentices to a level that is in line with current and future demands of the industry. To ensure successfully completion of this program a trainee will go through approximately 2000 total hours of live training Spanning four quarters. Testing for Saw Filer Certification will be administered at the request of management.


Quarter 1


In this step the individual will be given a general knowledge of the Saw Filing trade. They will learn to how to safely operate all machinery in the department, perform basic maintenance, and begin learning how to repair saws. After developing these foundational skills step two will move them to a specialized portion of the trade.



Quarter 2

In this step the apprentice will specialize in round saw maintenance. They will learn all phases of round saw maintenance including basic machine setup, proper tensioning methods, trouble shooting sawing issues, and round saw design. Completion of this step will find the individual highly skilled in all areas of round saw maintenance.


Quarter 3


Training in step three the apprentice will specialize in band saw skills. They will be taught all of the knowledge and skills required to excel in this demanding position. After completion of step three the apprentice will have a high level of skills in all departments of the filing room. All tasks including basic filing room maintenance, trouble shooting sawing issues, and calculating proper tooth geometry and saw design will be easily accomplished by this individual. With all of these skills mastered the apprentice will be qualified to move to step four.


Quarter 4


The focus of step four will be filing room machinery setup and maintenance, sawmill machine center maintenance, and lineup procedures for all cutting processes. After mastering the skills of step four and meeting all requirements set forth the individual will be highly skilled and capable of performing any task needed by the Saw Filing department. Completion of SawPro’s On-Site Saw Filer Training Program will qualify this individual to hold a Journey Level Saw Filer position in any Saw Filing Department.


All trainees will have be evaluation during the quarterly assessments to determine if they are on track for advancement to the next step of the training program.


The MBS Saw Filer Training program will ensure that your business has a highly skilled, well trained, and highly productive people working in the Saw Filing department. 

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